SCI-FI-LONDON is London's first science fiction and fantasy film festival. It is a celebration of the genre in film, television and literature. With the support of our core sponsor, Sci·Fi, the cable and Skydigital channel, the festival will deliver a full programme of film and events.

The film festival takes place over a 3-day period in February 2002, at several London venues including the CURZON SOHO cinema which hosts the 02-02-02 all-nighter programme. Alongside UK premieres, rarely seen movies and selected shorts the festival also features the Futureart exhibition and the SCI-FACT debates.

The core programme dates are:
Friday 01-02-02, Saturday 02-02-02 and Sunday 03-02-02

Why a science fiction film festival?
Part of our mission is to counter the giggles and glazed-looks one sometimes comes across when you mention "sci-fi". It is not just about Star Trek, ray guns or Ewoks. Science fiction has a breadth of subject matter and style, it is for people who think, question and explore alternatives. SCI-FI-LONDON is not a fan convention! Altho' there is nothing wrong with conventions.

What's in the programme?
Rare cinematic screenings of classic work as well as recent features that have escaped to DVD. Our current programme includes: The Fifth Element, Soylent Green and the original Planet of the Apes. We will also be showing the excellent 12 Monkeys and its rarely seen inspiration, La Jetée.

Several UK and world premieres of sci-fi titles from around the world, many of which may not get a UK release. Films currently scheduled include: Avalon, Wicked City, Akira2001 and The American Astronaut.

Supported by the Curzon Soho's 'Serious About Shorts' initiative, the Short Film Bureau and the First Film Foundation, we will be selecting some 20 new films by contemporary filmmakers working in the UK and abroad. These will be showcased alongside the main features programme and include Fifty Percent Grey, Natural Glasses and Knit Your Own Karma.

Along with our core sponsor we are pleased to incorporate the "Sci·Fi Shorts" competition and will announce the winner at this year's festival. "Sci·Fi Shorts" is an annual screenplay competition run by Sci·Fi in conjunction with the First Film Foundation. Last year's winner, Knit your own Karma by Simon Hook, was selected by patrons Ridley Scott and Terry Gilliam from some 2000 entries.

02-02-02 - all nighter:
We are holding all-night screenings of new and classic films. The programme will include a selection of Japanese and Chinese live-action and animé features.

SCI-FI-LONDON: The Douglas Adams Memorial Debate:
ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
London. 30-01-02, 6.30-8.30 pm

A panel discussion looking at whether stories and ideas in science fiction literature transfer to science fiction film. Is the movie as rich as the book? Do the effects, explosions and big-name stars obscure the message?

Are the mediums incompatible? Does film ruin a great book? Which mediocre books became great movies?

Filmmakers, authors and commentators discuss why a "silk purse" novel has to become a "sow's ear" movie. Audience participation is encouraged.

Screenings of tribute films by sci-fi fans whose affection for the genre is their motivation for bringing their projects to fruition. These will include: The Jedi Who Loved Me, Rogue and Kevin Rubio's Troops.

SCI-FI-LONDON is a UK Limited company, reg no: 4319165

Festival Staff:
Louis Savy, Festival Director
Tony Watts, Programming Director
Suzanne Gorman, PR & marketing
Lesley Savy, Administration & short film co-ordinator
Elizabeth Martin-Johnson, Programme co-ordinator

About our core supporter:
The SF genre was once referred to as "a field of ideas", and as a channel, we strive to reflect the diverse and experimental nature of these ideas. So it's a natural fit that we're supporting London's first SF film festival - you can't get much more diverse and experimental than musical western The American Astronaut and the sex-fiction spectacular IKU.

With a movie every night at 10pm, series premieres like 'Dune' and 'Millennium' and genre-defining strands like 'Headf**k', Sci·Fi is committed to delivering stimulating viewing to those who like to think differently.

Check it out on cable and Skydigital.

Newtype Anime.

Jonathan Clements
presents some rare treats at the ICA
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