We have now closed the submissions process for SCI-FI-LONDON for this year. We will announce year 2 details soon.

Following the Curzon's "serious about shorts" initiative we will be showing short films with every feature screened at the festival. It's a shame that multi-plexes and big chain cinemas rarely show a short film ahead of the main feature. Sure, once you've seen one film about Yaks you've seen them all - but it was great to have a warm-up act wasn't it?

Along with our core supporter Sci·Fi , the cable and Sky digital channel and the First Film Foundation we are pleased to be announcing the winner of the Sci·Fi Shorts screenplay competition. We will also be showing last year's winning entry, Knit your own karma, which was made into a 10 minute film that toured with Planet of the Apes (well done UCI !)

Kevin Rubio's superb Troops: On the streets of Tatooine with the local law enforcement. "Download it from theforce.net

Written and directed by Simon Hook, Knit Your Own Karma beat over 2000 other scripts to become the first winner of the Sci·Fi Shorts short film competition. We announce this year's winner at 6pm 02-02-02, Curzon.

SCI-FI-LONDON 2002: Best Short Film
One of the best short films we have ever seen, this is our choice for Best Short of the Festival. Every gamer should see this fantastic and funny movie. We are screening it along with The American Astronaut and Avalon. Emily Booth (above) and Teun Hilte (Producer) have been invited to introduce the film. (website)

"eLECTRICITY" is the story of hacker dataBitch, a streetwise junkie driven by her growing addiction to information.

Orgasm Ray Gun: Leslie Philips provides the voice for this film. What if you invented a ray gun that could give people an instant orgasm?

Avatars: Holograms engage in a merciless struggle over a cube of the third kind. This excellent five-minute short is visually stunning.

The Resumé: A short by Newyorker Irad Eyal. Sometimes job hunting can be deadly :)

Metalstasis: Robots sometimes suffer from bizarre illnesses. Stylish animation.

Fifty Percent Grey:A Sergeant wakes up alone with only a widescreen TV for company, in a place designed for him to relax in peace and tranquillity for all eternity.

Dark Matter: He has survived the carbon monoxide in this post-apocalyptic-world, but can he survive the loneliness?

Skins: John is tired of his life. He's tired of being a person that he isn't. One day he decides to be his true self and shed his skin, literally and metaphorically, just for one day, and sadly, no-one recognises him. Now, along with being rejected for the person he truly is, his "skin self" is out for revenge. We loved this movie!

In the MINI-CINE, a free small screen set up in the Curzon's bar we will also be showing a number of fandom movies. These include Rogue, The Jedi who Loved Me, Star Wreck and a new Dr Who fan movie. The MINI-CINE is free to attend at all times.

Collect a free MINI-CINE "multipass" from the Curzon or Metro box office.

A big thank you to everyone who submitted work to the festival. Sorry you didnt make it this year but check back for details of next year's festival.