A collection of great places to visit, some sci-fi, some not:

- http://www.uk.scifi.com - our core supporter and good info site
- http://www.in-movies.com great site for short films, uk based.
- http://www.sciencefiction.com packed full o'goodies
- http://beagle2.open.ac.uk/ British lead Mars lander project (very cool)

- http://spacekids.hq.nasa.gov/2003/ Travel to Mars in 2003, sign up for free
- http://www.sfsite.com/ lots of cool stuff
- http://scifimovies.about.com very comprehensive movie site
- http://www.fantasynews.co.uk go feed your imagination
- http://www.frightfest.co.uk/ if you need some horror before 02-02-02
- http://www.deadbydawn.co.uk check out some of the scary stuff on offer here
- http://www.darkhorizons.com/ hot site to find out the latest movie news
- http://www.tattoolivingimage.com not exactly sci-fi but some great sci-fi artwork
- http://www.sci-fi-online.co.uk news, reviews and gossip!
- http://www3.glam.ac.uk get a degree in sci-fi !!!
- http://www.sciencefictionwriters.org ..worth checking this one out for some tips :)
- http://www.reelexchange.co.uk- good source of info for moviemakers
- http://zap.to/the.capitol - a feast of info for wannabe Dr Whos.
- http://www.gosub600.com/flashgordon/ Doesn't get camper than this Flash Gordon site...

- http://www.midnighteye.com/ - for all things japanese in film and animation (nice site)
- http://www.digital.anime.org.uk - great news site for anime movies and all things manga!

- http://www.scifi2k.com - nice news and views site
- http://www.teletext.co.uk - check us out online or on-screen :)

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