We asked your opinion!

On 02-02-02 we will be showing three all-night programmes.

We asked you to pick one of the programmes. The vote was close but the 4 Aliens movies won it. Thanks and see you there!

The other all-nighters will include a tribute to John Carpenter, we are showing The Thing, They Live, Escape from New York and Dark Star...back to back from midnight to 8am.

Tickets on sale NOW!!!

(all-nighter tickets cost £20.00 and include Tea, Coffee, snacks and breakfast.)

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New to the UK:
We have such great content for our first year and are proud to announce the World Premiere on 03-02-02 of Ken Russell's The Fall of the Louse of Usher.

At 12 Noon on 03-02-02 we have the 1st UK screening of Mark Pellington's The Mothman Prophecies.

We also premiere Mamori Oshii's (Akira, Ghost in the Shell) Avalon, which has been chosen by the team as the Best Feature 2002, showing at the Curzon SOHO at 9pm 02-02-02.

The festival opens 01-02-02 at 9pm with the UK premiere of the amazing b&w sci-fi musical The American Astronaut, and at 11pm we show the digital sci-fi porn movie I.K.U.

Highlights of the festival also include the newly remastered Akira, with a completely redubbed and revoiced US soundtrack.

We also screen for the first time in the UK, Stranded, a Spanish film, almost documentary in style, about 5 astronauts trapped on Mars facing some terrible life and death decisions. Sat 02-02-02

You will also have the chance to see some anime and superb asian live-action movies. These will include Versus, Wild Zero, and Blood: The Last Vampire, a rich 50 minute film that takes anime to new levels of realism.

Superb Sci-fi classics:
We show Terry Gilliam's 12 monkeys, a wonderful tale and one of Bruce Willis's finest performances together with the 1962 b&w photo-roman that inspired it, La Jeteé.

Someone once said that La Jeteé is the Beatles in contrast to Gilliam's Monkees. Make your own mind up, better still argue the point on the Talkaoke table, but do not miss it - A unique, powerful and visually stunning experimental film.

The Fifth Element -
high gloss science fiction, if you have never seen this movie on the big screen you are missing out!

George Lucas's first feature THX1138. This movie is a thing of art. The color transition and the camera angles are exhilarating. It is hard to believe that George Lucas could find the perfect touch so fast. It must be something that comes natural. This is great Sci-Fi. It is very interesting to see some of the similarities between this and the Star Wars Trilogy. A lot of the ideas, sounds, and voices came from THX-1138. Heck, Lucas even named his special effects system after the movie.

Other greats include the 20th anniversary of screening of Tron, saturday morning pictures with Silent Running, Charlton Heston in the original 1968 Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green.

Each movie presentation will be accompanied by a short selected by the team.

These will include:
INFERNO, a fantastic 28min film that is everything Tron 2 could be :) - funny, and pacey - if you loved Quake and Half-Life this is a must see movie. Emily Booth (Channel 4's BITS) who plays "The Princess", along with the producer and director will be introducing the first screening of the movie at 9pm 01-02-02 (that's the friday night!). This movie has been awarded our "BEST SHORT FILM" award.

We also screen Fifty Percent Grey (Ireland), Avatar (France), eLECTRICITY (USA) Natural Glasses (Austria) and the winner of the Sci-Fi channel's short film competition Knit Your Own Karma (UK).

Check out the other pages on this site for info on other events within the festival like our anime special and the ICA debate. (held 30-01-02 and excellent stuff!)

Something wonderful happens 02-02-02 when we show our all-nighter programme. Come and watch movies 'til dawn.
The programme at the Curzon includes all 4 ALIENS movies shown back-to-back. We also show, in tribute to John Carpenter, The Thing, Escape From New York, They Live and Dark Star.

Any comments about the programme? drop us a note on the SCI-FI-LONDON message board.

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