Wednesday 30th Jan 2002
(Institute of Contemporary Arts)
London 6.30-8.30 pm

In tribute to a master storyteller and man of great vision and imagination SCI-FI-LONDON presents this first annual debate on science fiction.

A panel discussion looking at whether stories and ideas in science fiction literature transfer to science fiction film.

Is the movie as rich as the book?
Do the effects, explosions and big-name stars obscure the message?

Are the mediums incompatible? Does film ruin a great book? Which mediocre books became great movies?

Filmmakers, authors and commentators discuss why a “silk purse” novel can become a “sow’s ear” movie.

Speakers include:
KIM NEWMAN- Author, Critic and film guru (website)
- Special effects guru (Alien, Aliens, Star Wars Ep5, Dragonslayer) (imdb)
ANNE GAY - Author, Psychotherapist, editor of online sci-fi mag SFZ (website)
DOUG NAYLOR - Writer and co-creator of Red Dwarf (website)
JIM SWALLOW - Author and screenwriter for ST:Voyager and Enterprise.

ANDY SAWYER - Course director MA in Science Fiction Studies (Uni of Liverpool), Reviews Editor of FOUNDATION the Int'l Review of Science Fiction, Science Fiction Collection Librarian (Uni of Liverpool) (website)

A question and answer session will follow the main debate. Followed by a movie presentation (TBC)

Japan Special
Friday 01-02-02 and Saturday 02-02-02

We present a packed series of titles from Japan over the festival.
Friday: 01-02-02, we screen Wild Zero, I.K.U and Versus at the Metro

Saturday: 02-02-02, Blood: The Last Vampire.
At 4pm we have the UK Premiere of Akira special edition. A completely re-voiced and digitally remastered version.

On Saturday evening we premiere an interview with Mamoru Oshii by Seera (from the Sci-fi Channel) and then show the UK premiere of Oshii's live action debut AVALON
Late on Saturday, as part of the all-nighters we screen Jin Roh:the wolf brigade and Akira. Ends at 8am on Sunday!
Sunday 03-02-02 we show a "royal" Ghibli studios movie (TBA) and we screen cyberpunk frenzy movie Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts

Newtype Anime
Wednesday 30-01-02, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
LONDON. 3.00 - 5.00pm

Writer and translator Jonathan Clements presents a history of 85 years of Japanese sci-fi and fantasy animation, including silent fairy-tales, cowardly British ogres, robot superheroes, kamikaze schoolgirls and mutant biker-gangs. A unique opportunity to see some rare film clips, and to trace the influence of the real world on Japanese sci-fi.

BIO (website)
Jonathan Clements is the author of The Moon in the Pines, co-author of the Anime Encyclopedia, and a scriptwriter on Halcyon Sun. His sci-fi anime translations include Grey, Samurai Gold and Plastic Little. He was formerly the editor of Manga Max magazine, and contributing editor to Newtype Online. His new books in 2002 include the Fast-Forward Kids' Movie Guide and The Teachings of Confucius

Newtype Anime.

Jonathan Clements
presents some rare treats at the ICA
click the pic for more
Curzon Soho. Throughout the festival: FREE EVENT
Talkaoke: The new culture of chat
Talkaoke has been on the club scene for a couple of years now and has built up a substantial underground following. You'll find it in nightclubs, pubs, bars and at festivals. It's part of the trend away from 'shut up & dance' culture to a more media-wise interactive culture. The currency of this new culture is chat.

The Talkaoke format is simple: a circular table with a compere in the middle on a swivelly chair and a microphone. Anybody can sit or stand around the table but once they take the mic, they're the centre of attention. It's not long before the man in the middle works his magic. But it's the audience who become the stars, their voice amplified and their image displayed on big video screens around the venue.

Talkaoke is not ordinary chat. The spotlights and the glamour encourage people to give their all. The subject matter encompasses the profound, intimate, and outrageous, but it is always compelling. At the controls, the genial host acts as editor, MC, devil's advocate and scapegoat. More information is at

Two rules of Talkaoke:
1. No singing
2. No fighting

The art of the scenario, Barbarella (with Flash Gordon)
Sunday 03-02-02, Curzon Soho (from Noon)

Part of QUEERMONTH at the Curzon we present a Flash Gordon and Barbarella Double Bill.

Tudor Gates
, who wrote the screenplay for Barbarella and countless other sci-fi, action, horror and vampire movies talks candidly about screen writing and the making of Barbarella.

Tudor also launches his latest book on the art of the scenario and will be available for signings.

There is champagne for the best costume, so get dressed up!!!

All 3 days of the festival, Curzon Soho. FREE EVENT

We have a special small screen and projector being put in the bar area at the Curzon just for shorts, trailers, fan-movies and plenty more.

The MINI-CINE will run a continual programme and is free to attend. Collect your MULTIPASS from the Curzon, Metro or ICA box offices.

SCI-FACT: Beagle2 - Mission to Mars with Prof. Colin Pillinger
Saturday 02-02-02, Curzon Soho, 10.30am

Science fact is included in our sci-fi weekend and we are happy to announce that Professor Colin Pillinger will join us on Saturday morning to talk about the Beagle 2 project.

Professor Colin Pillinger is a man with a mission… a mission to Mars! He's come a long way, but still has a mammoth journey ahead of him. BBC cameras have followed his story for over two years for a film, Beagle 2: Mission to Mars to be shown at 10.30am on 02-02-02.

Beagle 2: Mission to Mars reveals how a massive science project, such as this, comes to fruition.

Narrated by Keith Allen, the programme reveals the trials and tribulations of Beagle 2 as the BBC follows the team's progress as they strive to advance science and develop the ground-breaking technology which will enable them to realise their mission.

The presentation is followed by a talk on the project and a Q&A session with Colin.