BOX OFFICES: Curzon: 020 7734 2255 Metro: 020 7734 1506 ICA: 020 7930 3647

Event Date Time Venue
IT WAS GREAT! - Newtype Anime Wed 30-01-02 3pm ICA Theatre
IT WAS GREAT! - The Douglas Adams Memorial Debate Wed 30-01-02 6.30pm ICA Theatre
Inferno and The American Astronaut Fri 01-02-02 9pm Curzon
La Jeteé and Twelve Monkeys Fri 01-02-02 11pm Curzon
Wild Zero Fri 01-02-02 9pm Metro
I.K.U Fri 01-02-02 11pm Metro
Versus Fri 01-02-02 1 am Metro
Silent Running Sat 02-02-02 10am Curzon
A Documentary about Stars Wars Fans (free event) Sat 02-02-02 10.30am Curzon
Beagle 2: Mission to Mars with Prof Colin Pillinger (free event) Sat 02-02-02 10.30am Curzon (not ICA)
Stalker Sat 02-02-02 Noon Metro
Blood The Last Vampire Sat 02-02-02 Noon Curzon
Akira Sat 02-02-02 4pm Curzon
Shorts @ Six Sat 02-02-02 6pm Curzon
Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade Sat 02-02-02 7pm Metro
Avalon Sat 02-02-02 9pm Curzon
Stranded Sat 02-02-02 9pm Curzon
The Fifth Element Sat 02-02-02 10pm Metro
Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection All-nighter Sat 02-02-02 Midnight Curzon
They Live, The Thing, Escape from New York, Dark Star Sat 02-02-02 Midnight Curzon
Electric Dragon , Jin Roh, Bad Taste, Akira Sat 02-02-02 Midnight Curzon
Tron Sun 03-02-02 10am Curzon
THX 1138 Sun 03-02-02 10.30am Curzon
Planet of the Apes (1968) Sun 03-02-02 10.30am Curzon
Flash Gordon and Barbarella double bill Sun 03-02-02 Noon Curzon
The Mothman Prophecies (1st UK screening!!!) Sun 03-02-02 Noon Metro
Soylent Green Sun 03-02-02 4pm Curzon
Electric Dragon 80,000 Volts Sun 03-02-02 6pm Curzon
Shorts @ Six Sun 03-02-02 6pm Curzon
Bad Taste Sun 03-02-02 7pm Metro
The Fall of the Louse of Usher (WORLD PREMIERE) Sun 03-02-02 9pm Curzon
Talkaoke (in residence) (free event) all 3 days various Curzon
MINI-CINE (free event) all 3 days all day Curzon
Movie programme may be subject to change and additions      
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