The festival runs from 31 Jan to 2 Feb and includes new movies as well as rare classics.

Monday Jan 27th   venue/time

ICA Film Salon with Nick Walker:
SCI-FI Special
  I: 18.30pm

Friday Jan 31st   venue/time

Hypercube: Cube2   C: 20.45pm

Plan 9 From Outer Space   C: 23.00pm

Jonathan Clements Talks...
followed by the World Premiere of
Malice @ Doll
  O: 20.00pm

Ever Since the World Ended
Friday and Saturday screenings
  C: 23.00pm &
O: 20.00pm

The Inside Story
Friday and Sunday screenings
  C: 23.30pm &
O: 20.00pm

Anime All Night: one
Akira(spec ed)
Macross Plus
Armitage: Dual Matrix
Patlabor II
  O: 23.30pm

Anime All Night: two
Perfect Blue
Wings of Honnaemise
Armitage: Dual Matrix
  O: 23.30pm

Saturday Feb 1st   venue/time

LO-NO Budget filmmaking:
DV cameras and shooting
  C: 10.30am

LO-NO Budget filmmaking:
Digital Effects on Home PCs
  C: 11.30am

LO-NO Budget filmmaking:
Inferno and crew Q&A
  C: 12.30pm

Douglas Adams Memorial Debate:
Sci-fi predicts the future.
  C: 11.00am

The What If Man
Edge of Reality
  O: 14.00pm

Incubus   C: 13.00pm

Solaris (1972)   C: 14.30pm

The Gospel according to Philip K. Dick   O: 17:00pm

Shorts@Six   C: 18.00pm

Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams   O: 18.00pm

End of Evangelion   C: 20.00pm

Late Nights:
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)
  C: 23.30pm

Late Nights:
The Matrix
  C: 23.30pm

Late Nights:
Mad Max II - The Road Warrior
  C: 23.30pm

Sunday Feb 2nd   venue/time

Westworld & Soylent Green   C: 12.00pm

Don't Ask Don't Tell   C: 16.00pm

Fahrenheit 451   O: 16.00pm

Shorts@six   C: 18.00pm

X-Files the Truth   O: 18.00pm

Vidocq   C: 20.45pm

I : = The ICA
O: = The Other Cinema
C: = The Curzon SOHO

We also include a raft of sideshow events including

  • Talkaoke
  • Computer gaming in the cinema
  • club DJs in the bars
  • Old Time Radio SCI-FI on MP3

Short films will again play a major part of the festival. A continuous programme of short sci-fi films will run in the venues.

As in the great era of cinema-going, our policy is to include a short film prior to every feature screened, a great opportunity for filmmakers to show their film to a paying audience.

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NEW FOR 2003

Can you make the trailer for your own sci-fi feature in a week?

SCI-FI-LONDON, in conjunction with the Digital Guerrilla Filmmakers Network, throws down the gauntlet to filmmakers who don’t just talk about making films but get out there and make it happen, whatever it takes.

Stranger Than Fiction: the SFL2003 documentary programme
Interviews and portraits from the edge. We present documentaries on the leading lights of the SF genre including:
The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick, (USA 2000), a startling and affectionate portrait of the mind behind such classic titles as Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report;
Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams (USA 2002), an insight into the man who gave a whole new slant to hitchhiking;
The What If Man
Sci-fi expert and author of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Peter Nicholls, gives his world view.
Edge of Reality, (USA 2002), delivers a 30 minute fact filled documentary about the famous Illinois UFO... the facts are there!

SCI-FI-LONDON Anime Allnigher at The Other Cinema, Friday 31st Jan 2003.

Your chance to see some classic anime titles on the big screen. From Midnight until 9am we will have back-to-back movies. Punctuated by free Red Bull, Ben & Jerry's and breakfast courtesy of Greggs the bakers.

The punters: the SCI-FI-LONDON Audience Awards
Each year the SCI-FI-LONDON team selects what it feels to be the best feature and short films screened at the festival. In 2003 we introduce a new element with two new audience awards; the punters will be awarded to the best feature and best short as voted for by the SCI-FI-LONDON audience.

Lo-no budget filmmakers’ workshops
SCI-FI-LONDON presents workshops on low-to-no budget filmmaking. The first workshop deals with getting the best results from low-cost digital video equipment and the other workshop is a practical look at DV editing and special effects on standard home computers.